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The Garrison Companies consists of Garrison Development Company, Garrison Construction Company, and Garrison Management Company.




Providing Affordable and Mixed Income Housing to the Midwest and Mountain


The Garrison Companies started out with a dream and desire to provide new construction, affordable rental housing development to rural areas in the Midwest and has grown into a multi-dimensional real estate development firm engaged in medium to large scale mixed-use development, adaptive re-use of historic structures, urban in-fill redevelopment, and market rate and affordable rental and for-sale housing in a 10-state area, including states in the Midwest,, Mountains and Southeast United States. In 1996, Garrison built a 16-unit apartment community in Chadron, Nebraska for affordable renters. Since then, Garrison has constructed and rehabbed over 800 living units and has been involved in mixed use development in second and third-tier cities in its 10-state area. Over $100,000,000 in asset value has been created.

From March, 1991 to November, 1997, Garrison Hassenflu served as Owner/Broker of Garrison Commercial, Prairie Village, KS, where he has acted as a broker of all types of commercial real estate, and as an independent consultant on the acquisition/rehab, site selection, tax credit application and financing of low to moderate income housing tax credit projects in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah and Colorado. In November, 1997, Mr. Hassenflu formed Garrison Development Company (GDC) to develop LIHTC and mixed income developments in the above areas. In April, 2001, Mr. Hassenflu formed Garrison Management Company (GMC) to manage the LIHTC communities that GDC developed. GDC and GMC operate to the present day.

Garrison’s development staff is very knowledgeable and capable in combining numerous public and private sources of funds to make an affordable projects and urban infill projects feasible. They have been successful in working with many communities that see the benefits of developing safe, clean, affordable housing and in the redevelopment of their urban and historic districts. These benefits include the extra dollars spent in the community by keeping current residents and bringing others in from out of town, providing nearby housing for employees of local employers, construction dollars spent locally by employing area labor and by purchasing materials from area suppliers, and the payment of property taxes to supplement the City's tax base, and re-energizing historic structures that are a major part of the historic fabric of a community.





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