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The Garrison Companies consists of Garrison Development Company, Garrison Construction Company, and Garrison Management Company. Formed to construct and manage multi-family and mixed use properties.

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The Garrison Companies consists of Garrison Development Company, Garrison Construction Company, and Garrison Management Company, all Missouri corporations in good standing, formed to construct, acquire, rehabilitate, and manage multi-family and mixed use properties throughout the Plains States, Mountain States and Southeast States.

Providing Affordable and Mixed Income Housing to the Midwest, Mountain and Southeast States

One of the most pressing problems facing so many communities in so many states is a shortage of affordable housing. Communities need clean, quality affordable rental housing to house entry-level employees of the respective area's employers, starting teachers, starting fire and police officers, city maintenance workers and other workers that are the life blood of communities. The retention of these people in our developments spending in the community and adds to the City's property tax base. Many communities have substandard or obsolete housing with little rental living product built in recent years. Many communities are experiencing strong economic growth or desire housing to be considered for a company expansion or relocation, but need to show the availability of housing to do so.

Garrison Development was formed to develop, acquire and rehabilitate affordable multi-family housing, targeted for communities with a population of 4,000 or more in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Iowa.

Garrison Management Company is a real estate property management company created to manage affordable and market rate rental housing properties owned by affiliates of the Garrison Companies, Garrison Development Company and Garrison L. Hassenflu, and to fee-manage select properties owned by third parties.

Section 42 Tax Credits, HOME Funding, and State Finance Programs

Garrison Development is an experienced developer of affordable and market rate multi-family housing utilizing all of the above sources of funds to create quality affordable and market rate housing opportunities for residents in their communities. We are creative in our ability to assemble the appropriate debt and equity sources for a development in a given area.

Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Historic Rehabilitation

In addition to developing new multi-family communities, we are purchasers of existing apartment complexes and rehabbers of under-utilized buildings with historical significance that can be converted into loft living. Our new construction and redevelopment efforts have created over $70,000,000 in value over just the last 5 years.

Competitive Rents for Families and Older Citizens

It is our objective to develop apartment communities that are appropriate for the community. Based on marketability and economic feasibility, we will tailor the rental rates and type of project to the area. Types of projects vary from 30 new construction family units in rural Utah for 100% affordable renters to 48 units of loft living in downtown Wichita, Kansas to market and affordable renters to new construction, independent living for seniors in Salina, Kansas.

Not-for-Profit Consulting and Participation

Garrison Development is available to assist not-for-profits in developing housing in their respective communities and have successfully partnered with non-profits in multiple states.

Local Labor and Quality Construction

We only use good, durable building materials and outstanding contractors that help us to provide a high quality living environment. Most of our materialmen and laborers come from each respective local area.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Garrison Development undertakes extensive market studies and analyses to gain market knowledge, using highly reputable and objective third party resources.

Development and Management Services

We work with local real estate brokers to identify potential sites and negotiate real estate contracts; provide for site planning; handle rezoning and annexation where necessary; prepare architectural plans and construction specification; manage the construction process; and ultimately operate and manage the final product. Our affiliate, Garrison Management Company, employs strong property management skills, including tax credit compliance for its owners and respective state agencies. We are long-term holders of our properties and have not sold a single asset since our first development was built in 1998.


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Canstruction and Professional Management
of Multi-Family low income Housing apartment homes.

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