Mission Statement

Luxury market rate rental development and mixed use development

Our current business model focuses on creating high end luxury living communities. The trend of lifestyle renters and millennials and soon the Gen Z renters desiring higher end rentals in our markets has made this luxury market very appealing. We believe in creating communities that encourage live and play opportunities to maximize the quality of life for our residents. Our property management company has over 17 years in giving our residents the very highest level of customer service.

The Garrison and MW Companies consists of MW Development Enterprises, LLC and Garrison Management Company, Inc., all entities in good standing, formed to construct, acquire, rehabilitate, and manage multi-family and mixed use properties throughout the Plains States and Mountain States currently but looking nationwide for opportunities.

Providing Affordable and Mixed Income Housing to the Midwest and Mountain States

One of the most pressing problems facing so many communities in so many states is a shortage of affordable housing. Communities need clean, quality affordable rental housing to house entry-level employees of the respective area’s employers, starting teachers, starting fire and police officers, city maintenance workers and other workers that are the life blood of communities. The retention of these people in our developments and spending in the community adds to the City’s property tax base. Many communities have substandard or obsolete housing with little rental living product built in recent years. Many communities are experiencing strong economic growth or desire housing to be considered for a company expansion or relocation, but need to show the availability of housing to do so.